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Publishing industry is a very niche segment having its own challenges, Brand building is essential in Publishing to drive sales, but it has to fight many other challenges like :

  • Ever changing education policy by Government
  • Quality writers and designers
  • Advent of digitization in Education
  • Attrition of good manpower
  • Over demanding Educational Institutes.
  • Introduction of innovative practices.
  • lack of self motivated sales force.

We know still many companies are performing because of sheer will and determination of their promoters and key management personnel's over the years of hard work.

MAssist publishing was conceptualized to streamline at least one of the above mentioned challenges i.e. to drive the growth of company by effective and efficient sales efforts in all directions.

We understand that in Publishing industry, is very different from the other industries, there can be either one or two versions of Sales/Marketing depending upon the nature of your organization.

1. Senior Professionals

Senior Professional and executives, those who focuses mainly on Institutional And Corporate sales. Their working requirements is very different to junior level field executives, who move in remote areas, even door to door at times to procure orders. Kindly refer to all the features of MAssist classic which can be customised according to the working habits of Corporate Sales and Marketing Managers.

2. Field Executive

Junior Executives or Field Professionals, with whom usage of any CRM is very difficult because of the following reasons:

1. Lack of access to any physical computer/laptop.

2. Basic Educational background and lack of computer proficiency.

3. Resistance to change and adapt to new systems.

4. Woking in remote areas, where at times there is no network connection even.

5. Heavy work loads, due to which usage of any CRM application will reduce their efficiency.

6. Communication gap between stockist, distributors, head-office and field executives.

What are the Unique Selling Point's of MAssist FMCG ?

Complete experience with a extremely user-friendly and self-guiding Mobile Application, which is lightweight and runs on the most basic smart-phones as well.

Easiest way to procure orders.

Offline working for remote areas with automatic syncing as soon as the executive gets the network connectivity.

GPS tracking including Battery status report as well as offline tracking.

Discrepancy report with the actual coordinates of the client location, Distance travelled calculation for conveyance and other purposes.

Continuous reports and updates on current outstanding's as well as of payment collected by Field executives against respective client invoices.

Brings in more transparency, by SMS updates to the client regarding their order and payment, along with virtual signature of Contact person.

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