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MAssist have come up with an extremely practical and user friendly product after keenly researching the working of many out bound call centers, who are working as DSA’s(Direct Selling Associates) or DST’s (Direct Sales Teams) in the field of Insurance, Banking, Telecom, Travel, Service Help-lines, Privilege Memberships Etc.

Who can be benefitted...?

1. Call Centre operations for Tele Marketing and Direct Sales Processes.

2. Inbound and Outbound processes for Support and Feedback.

3. Processes for Order, Service and Delivery Operations.

  1. MAssist is a one of a kind product, that works on all levels of your organization, i.e:

    Top Management - who has to monitor the activities at all levels.

    Senior Professionals or Managers, who follows and coordinate with different corporates, MNC’s or organizations, to tying up for newer processes, on which a sales team can be assigned.

    Call Centre Executives or Tele Sales Executives, who coordinate on the given leads by giving calls.

    Field Executives, who are at times required for Client Site coordination like Document Collection Etc.

    Sales Executives, who work in field to create Leads, who organize camps and activities as well

    Top Management- who has to monitor the activities at all levels.

We understand that depending upon the size and work culture, lot of above mentioned roles can be over lapping, but still core principal remains the same.

MAssist is one of a kind product, which gives one stop solution for many different problems, the you will see it yourself that it is not a half baked solution but a very refined model based on a some very unique and innovative concepts.

MAssist is a completely inclusive product and combines the work efficiency of all the following solutions:

It is the most advanced (Client Relationship management software ) for the working of your Senior Personnel's, (Please refer to the MAssist USP’s to know more.)

It is also inclusive of a very efficient Dialler Software, that tracks the working especially call management of your tele sales executives, and produce all the desired reports.

It provides you the most user friendly platform to manage, Assign, distribute, Sort and evaluate progress of your client Leads.

It gives unimaginable power in your hands to track the movements and working of your Field executives.

It will give you extensive range of reports, and completely remove the management dependency on monotonous excel sheets.

When different personnel's have different job profiles, it customizes its views and user interface as per their work priorities, and supports complete functioning from all platforms, i.e. A Tele-sales executive needs excellent Desktop support, whereas A Field Executive needs mainly Mobile Application platform(Android and IOS Both), However Top Management may need interfaces at all levels.

MAssist is based on one such novel concept which combines all the above mentioned beads in one thread and thus gives you the most complete management solution.

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